Zagreb, the capital of the Republic of Croatia, is a global and cosmopolitan city.  It is a business and university centre, city of culture, art and entertainment. Springing up from two medieval settlements – Kaptol and Gradec, which form the core of the old Upper Town. With the surrounding settlements it has about one million inhabitants. The old Baroque nucleus is woven from old stone streets and buildings, many churches, a magnificent cathedral with modern shops, cosy cafes and restaurants. Zagreb has always been a truly central European cultural centre whose significance is best witnessed by the 20 theatres, equal number of museums, 30 galleries and numerous art exhibitions A large number of green oases and walks, numerous excursion sites in beautiful surroundings, monuments and sacred objects make it a pleasant place to live in and a city tailored to fit every man.

Things to do in Zagreb and surrounding

Private sightseeing with professional guide Let our private guide take you through a history and culture of this beautiful city. The route of the sightseeing can be completely adapted to your interests. You can choose to visit its old nucleus and the city center, interesting museums or beautiful churches, parks and squares. Highlights of the Upper town are Lotrscak tower, famous Kamenita vrata (Stone gate),  beautiful church of St. Marko the oldest architectural monument in Zagreb and numerous museums and galleries. Tell us your wishes and preferences.

Hedona´s tip: Enjoy the city atmosphere, its parks, squares and coffee bar terraces.

Zagreb museums

Zagreb’s numerous museums reflect the history, art and culture not only of Zagreb and Croatia, but also of Europe and the world. Around thirty collections in museums and galleries comprise more than 3.6 million various exhibits, excluding church and private collections. Some of most visited are: Archaeological Museum , Technical Museum, Arts and Crafts Museum, Ethnographic Museum,  Mimara Museum, Croatian Natural History Museum, Museum of Broken Relationships, Modern Gallery… Hedona´s tip: Tell us in what kind of sightseing are you interested in.


Varazdin is most proud of the historic Old Town, where there are palaces, churches and monasteries dating back to the Baroque, Art Nouveau, and Rococo periods and has one of the oldest town halls in Europe. The famous theatre and cemetery is a monument of landscape architecture, which has encircled the entire city. During the year there is a lively scene of cultural, sporting and other events that make it a pleasant place to live in. Baroque music echoes in the nights every autumn in the beautiful Baroque atmosphere of religious and secular buildings, and the festival of street performers Spancir fest shows how relaxed life is in Varazdin!

Hedona´s tip: Don´t miss its cementery park. We can give you more ideas and make a program just for you.

Zagreb Treasure Hunt Unique cultural to introduce with Zagreb in a different way. Group guides are well-known historical persons from Zagreb’s history – August Senoa, Marija Juric Zagorka, Antun Gustav Matos and others. The program has a competitive character as the faster team gets a reward. Discover hidden cultural and historical treasures of Zagreb using “treasure cards”, the presentation and a city map. At all locations, you will have the opportunity to read an interesting story or find out about Zagreb’s secrets, making it an interesting way to learn more about Zagreb. Hedona´s tip: Ideal for group and teambuilding programs. Would you like to prepare one for you ?

City tour of Zagreb with costumed guides

Step into history as the guides dressed as famous personalities of Croatian past lead you through the secrets of the capital city, Zagreb – a city where tradition meets contemporary thought and vision. Take the panoramic ride through the many parks that are strung throughout this city, stroll along the streets of the medieval Upper Town and listen to stories of the past, have your photo taken in front of the colorful St. Mark’s Church and catch the best view of Zagreb from under the Lotrščak Tower. Complete your journey with a coffee in one of Zagreb’s many cafes and taste the unique pepper biscuit, all in the company of guides who remain in their roles from 19th century Croatia. Hedona´s tip: There is more interesting city guide programs such as Ginger bread hearts workshop, Find the Grič witch program, Bring the light to the Upper town… Want to know more ?


Beautiful castles of Hrvatsko Zagorje region 

On only 30 minutes ride from the hustle and bustle of Zagreb lies Zagorje, a hilly region filled with Medieval castles and fortifications, Rennaissance fortresses, numerous Baroque castles, churches and abbeys. In the region there is more than 40 castles which makes it an area with one of the largest concentration of castes in Croatia. With such a historical landmarks, this is one of the richest cultural regions in Croatia. 

VELIKI TABOR CASTLE  “It stands gloriously even today, from the distance it looks alive bringing the life of  the past, it seems that the old noblemen are just preparing us a warm welcome…” Veliki Tabor, like Trakoscan, sits majestically atop a hill above a lush valley and it is one of the best preserved late medieval and Renaissance castles in the continental part of Croatia. Built by the noble Rattkay family during the 16th century, it stayed in their arms till 1793. The oldest part of the complex is the central fortified building – donjon – used for dwelling and defence. Among the owners was a famous Croatian painter, Oton Ivekovic, whose brush depicted the castle and the picturesque scenery around in numerous paintings. Hedona´s tip: Close by there is a great family run restaurant with typical home made dishes. Need more information ?!


Demonstration and workshop of medieval life followed by medieval knights tournament and fights. All performers are costumed in replicas of medieval costumes. The costumes are made in the traditional way and according to historic interpretation (flag carrier, drummer, court ladies, a thief, archers, knights, etc). A battle performance of a fight with burring wooden mace will be presented in slow motion to demonstrate the skills necessary to conduct such a fight. If weather (wind) permits a performance with fire swallowing will be staged at the end of the program. All participants are encouraged to actively take part in demonstration of arms that have been made as replicas of historic weapons. They will have the opportunity to learn the basic skills and demonstrate their knowledge with experienced knights, archers, etc. Hedona´s tip: Don´t get to close to them 🙂